A few weeks ago Sandra and Maria joined me for lunch at Pabu. We haven’t had lunch together since I started my new job so we were so happy to see each other. Pabu is located at 101 California Street in San Francisco, right next to my favorite ramen place, the Ramen Bar. Pabu is not listed in the Michelin guide, but I would keep watching and not be surprised if it is in the very near future!

Maria and Sandra

The table setting is lovely. Fresh. Minimalist and clean. I loved the warmth of the wooden tables and the muted green colors of the banquette. The staff was friendly and since it was early we had a few moments to chat as I waited for Sandra and Maria.

Pabu table setting

During the month of August, Pabu has their “Out to Lunch” three course fixed price menu. For the first course, Sandra and I ordered the Ahi Tuna Poke and the Kaiso Seaweed Salad.

Ahi Tuna Poke, Edamame, and Kaiso Seaweed SaladThe Ahi Tuna Poke – poke sauce, tobiko, negi, crisp wonton was delicious. It also had a hint of sesame oil which added to its charm. It was spicy and cool at the same time due to the chili spices in the cold tuna. The sprouts on top added a nice crunch to each bite. A smile moved across my face as I tasted it. The crispy wonton added a nice crunch but I also ate the tuna all by itself. The Poke also reminded both Sandra and I of the cheviche served at La Fusion restaurant a few blocks away.


By this time Maria arrived and even though she arrived well after Sandra and I, the staff was extremely accommodating and served Maria promptly. All three of us ordered the Miso Black Cod – dashi-braised lotus, turnip, snap peas, mustard miso. If our friend, Iris, had been there she would have pronounced the fish cooked perfectly!

Pabu - Miso Black Cod | dashi-braised lotus, turnip, snap peas, mustard miso

The presentation was delicate and beautiful. The lotus looked like lace placed against the moist and flavorful cod.

Pabu - Miso Black Cod | dashi-braised lotus, turnip, snap peas, mustard miso

Lastly, dessert!!! Here is the truth – mine was the BEST! Maria and Sandra ordered the Espresso Pudding – Whiskey caramel, citrus sponge, and vanilla ice cream. They did not seem to like it as much but mine, WOW!!! The Strawberry Parfait – Honey chiffon cake, yuzu mochi, vanilla chantilly cream and masago on the top was so delectable, I would have licked the container if I could have! Of course, I like ANYTHING with mochi in it.

Strawberry Parfait and Espresso Parfait

Lastly, I want to just say that Anthony Kinn is a man of extreme patience and kindness. If all General Managers were as kind as he was to us, the world would be a better place.

Pabu was fun and I would go back just for the dessert!

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Lunch with the Michelin Guide – RN74

Just because it’s Monday, and just because we were in San Francisco for work, and just because this restaurant is on the next block, Christine, the Summer Intern, and I went to RN74.

RN74 stands for Route Nationale 74, which runs directly through the Burgundy region of France. The restaurant is filled with different varieties of wines, listed as though you are traveling on a train. The interior is light and colorful.

RN74 - InteriorThe travel theme works its way through the dining room in the form of little tickets as the napkin ring. RN74 - Ticket on a Napkin

The tables are numbered as though you were in a train car.

RN74 - Numbered tablesA large display of sparkling wines appear as destinations on a board. RN74 - Sparkling Wine List

We were seated and some bread was brought to the table. Not just any bread – chewy crust, a moist and substantial interior, and a wonderful flavor was brought to the table. Served along side was delicious, fresh, unsalted creamery butter with a sprinkle of fleur de sel on top. The fleur de sel added a lovely crunch to each bite of bread.

RN74 - bread and butterDuring the month of July, Michael Mina group restaurants offer a fixed price menu. For $29, you receive a 3-course meal. RN74 - Out to Lunch Summer Menu

Today I ordered the Sweet Corn Soup, the Grilled Mary’s Chicken Paillard, and the Valrhona Chocolate Bouchon.

RN74 - Grilled corn, pickled onion, cilantro and crispy chicharronesThe Sweet Corn Soup is creamy and smooth. Poured over grilled corn, pickled onion, cilantro, and crispy chicharrones, the flavor of fresh summer corn bursts in your mouth and brings a smile to your face. After the first bite, I just had to close my eyes and savor. Sometimes food can leave you breathless. You pause and think about what is happening in your mouth and TASTE the food. You’re no longer eating, all your thoughts are wrapped up in that one delicious bite. As I write this, I still remember the soup. RN74 - Sweet Corn Soup

Grilled Mary’s Chicken Paillard was served with eggplant risotto, guanciale, and arugula panzanella. The chicken was seared in a very hot, cast iron pan resulting in the most crispy skin. It actually crunched! Served with a creamy eggplant risotto flavored with Guanciale (an Italian cured pork cheek) the flavor was a tad bit too salty. The panzanella, with its vinegar flavor, accentuated and sharpened the creamy risotto. Grilled Mary's Chicken PaillardMary’s Chicken is from the Central Valley and is from organically grown, pasture raised chickens. Very sustainable and delicious chicken you can feel good about eating. Well, for me – not so much for the chicken.

Since Christine is new to this “Michelin guide gig”, I told her I usually take a photo of my friend Sandra holding the menu. Christine was happy to comply. Christine and the menu

Christine ordered the Heirloom Tomato Salad. Fresh colorful heirloom tomatoes were quartered, served with smooth fromage blanc, creamy avocado, crisp pickled red onion, sweet basil, and delectable onion crackers. She also ordered the Grilled Mary’s Chicken Paillard, so I won’t waste time describing it all over again except to say she thought it was good, too!

Heirloom Tomato SaladI could not eat all of my meal, so I got a to go box. I love their logo so much I had to take a photo of a perfectly placed sticker on top of the box. Food to go - RN 74

At the end of the meal, our server brought out a small bag, similar to a bag you would receive when buying a bag of coffee. Inside was my little Valrhona Chocolate Bouchon. So, what is a Bouchon? It looks very similar to a brownie. So much so that from now on, when I make brownies, I’m going to call them bouchons.

Actually the term bouchon is defined as:
1. A region in France
2. A cork
3. A chocolate, brownie like cake, named after a region in France, shaped like a cork.

Our server brought out the bill. Lovely. I wish all bills could come like this. Wrapped in lovely red leather.


Since the bouchon was all wrapped up, I didn’t unwrap it to take a picture. I just brought it home. Well, most of it came home. I ate a few bites as it sat on my desk in its little bag calling my name. I brought it home for John. Because I love him.

RN74 was a lovely way to spend a Monday in San Francisco. I would spend almost any day here again and I would for sure order a bowl of the Sweet Corn Soup. Maybe two.

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Lunch with Michelin Guide – The Salt House

The Salt House, located on Mission Street in the South of Market area of San Francisco, is found on a street filled with other great eating establishments.

The Salt House

The Salt House is located in building from the 1890’s (a 1906 earthquake survivor) that housed a printing press. The rustic interior is bright and the atmosphere is lively.

The Salt House

The cuisine is New American and the menu is varied.

The Salt House

Christine, our Summer Intern, and I arrived during the lunch rush but we were seated quickly at the bar, which is always open as is a communal table directly behind.

First up was the Bruce Adams – grapefruit / ginger / lemon / sparkling water. Wow! Refreshing, light and bubbly. Perfect for a hot San Francisco day.

The Salt House

I always have a hard time deciding what to eat and this day was no exception! I asked the server what they recommended and their favorite was the crispy chicken sandwich. Always a good idea to ask the staff what they like, right?

The Salt House

The Crispy Chicken Sandwich is just that – CRISPY! The chicken is served on a poppy seed bun with a spicy green and red cabbage slaw made with a horseradish crème fraîche. Now, I’m not a huge sandwich fan but I at the WHOLE THING! The crispy chicken, crunchy slaw and tender bun was the perfect combination. A little pickle on top and the flavors blended together perfectly. On the side comes the most delightful, crispy, thin, and delicate sweet potato chips. They are so light, they are lighter than a Lay’s potato chip! I ate all those, too!

Christine ordered the Branzino which comes with smashed marble potatoes, baby red chard, and a
shrimp sauce. Branzino is a mild flavored, white fleshed, European fish which that somehow keeps finding it’s way onto San Francisco menus. It’s also served at the Tadich Grill on California Street, so it seems very popular. Christine let me taste a little of the Branzino with the potatoes and it was cooked perfectly.

The Salt House

I asked the server why this place was called The Salt House. We had imagined there might be different varieties of salt available for tasting but there is no real story, apparently. The owners just liked the name.

The Salt House is a nice place for lunch. Next time, I’d like to go back and try some desserts!

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Lunch with the Michelin Guide – Hakkasan San Francisco

Our latest outing for our Michelin Guide was to Hakkasan in San Francisco.

Hakkasan Restaurant - San Francisco

You enter on the lower floor and take the elevator up to the 2nd floor. The elevator opens to a very light and airy entry with a lovely marble table and beautiful orchid displays

Hakkasan entry from the elevator

We were seated upon a beautiful leather banquette with a colorful embroidered dragon with several designs along the banquette.

White Leather Banquette with dragon embroidery

The interior was filled with dark wood but the windows let in some beautiful light.

Hakkasan is light and airy.

The table setting was lovely. Wooden chopsticks and a silver spoon on an ornate holder. Pure simplicity!

Silver spoon and wooden chopsticks

The menu item called “Taste of Hakkasan” is very popular. For $29.00 you can select a Small Eat and a Main. The small eat consists of either the steamed or fried dim sum. There were multiple choices for the main and we all chose something different. All mains are served with braised pak choi and steamed or egg fried rice.

Hakkasan Menu

For our first course, Sandra, Irise and I selected the Steamed Dim Sum.

Steamed Dim Sum Selection

A scallop shu mai, har gau, prawn and Chinese chive dumpling. The scallop shu mai was very tender and the first bite tasted like the briny ocean. A whole scallop wrapped inside a tender dumpling wrapper. The second, Har Gau, was transparent and smooth. According to Wikipedia, this dish is said to be the one that the skill of a dim sum chef is judged on. “Traditionally, har gow should have at least seven and preferably ten or more pleats imprinted on its wrapper. The skin must be thin and translucent, yet be sturdy enough not to break when picked up with chopsticks. It must not stick to the paper, container or the other ha gow in the basket. The shrimp must be cooked well, but not overcooked. The amount of meat should be generous, yet not so much that it cannot be eaten in one bite.” As you can see, there are more than 7 pleats on its wrapper. The last, the Chinese Chive Dumpling was filled with shrimp. Tender shrimp, cooked perfectly, were nestled in the dumpling wrapper.

Winnie selected the Fried Dim Sum. We all were amazed at the beauty of the plate as it was served. Fried Dim Sum Selection

The fried dim sum was comprised of a crispy prawn dumpling, roasted duck and pumpkin puff, and an XO scallop puff. Winnie said all of them were delicious.

Sandra ordered the Spicy Prawn with Lilly Bulb and Almond.

Spicy prawn with lily bulb and almond

The presentation was so beautiful, you almost hated to eat it. It has a spicy curry flavor that was so good with steamed rice.

For the main course, I ordered the French beans with minced pork and dried shrimp. Where ever we go, we always order the green beans.

French beans with minced pork and dried shrimp

Still – our favorite place for green beans is Chung King, in Chinatown.

Irise ordered the Chiu chow Style Sea Bass. Steamed in a clay pot, and served with grape tomatoes, the Sea Bass was cooked perfectly. We each had a bite and agreed with Irise, it was delicious!

Chiu chow Style Sea Bass

Winnie ordered the Stir fry black pepper rib eye beef with Merlot. This was the BEST dish! The beef was so tender and the flavors were delightful.

Main Course

We each were served the pak choi, which was ok. It was a little difficult to eat because of it’s size, but the flavor was fresh.

Braised bok choy

Since we were on our lunch, we had to take our dessert of macarons to go as there was not enough time to eat them before we had to get back to work.

We will come back to Hakkasan. It was a delicious experience!

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Lunch with the Michelin Guide – Georges

Georges is a small restaurant in the Financial District. It’s the former site of a gold-rush bank. We were warmly greeted by Evin, who took great care of us from start to finish.

Georges Restaurant

Our first course was bread. Not soggy bread, but nice, fresh San Francisco bread. Bread with a chewy/crispy crust. Bread with a soft interior. Bread that is delicious with fresh creamy butter. Bread that makes you wish you didn’t have to order an entree and could just eat bread.

Fresh bread and creamy butter.

My friend Maria is watching out for me though. She is the voice of my conscience and she tells me to watch my bread. I stop eating the bread and take a look at the menu.

The menu at Georges is filled with fresh seafood, served in ways that accentuate the freshness of the sea. Raw oysters, Ceviche, Crudo, Gazpacho, and Soft Shell crab sandwiches demand freshness and Georges did not disappoint.

Wendy and I ordered the fresh tomato gazpacho, served with crab and avocado. It was like a cool, fresh picked and juicy summer tomato, condensed into bowl. The tangy tomato flavor coupled with the creamy avocado was so perfect on the tongue. Add to that a sweet, succulent crab, micro basil as a garnish, with a few drops of olive oil and you have will have a slight idea of just how good it was. If I had never tried this gazpacho, I would not have known what good gazpacho was.

Georges Soup of the Day

We ordered two appetizers – the first was a Crudo of Albacore Tuna served with hearts of palm, garum, Bruce’s Olio Nuovo and Meyer Lemon. Crudo means “raw” in Italian and garum is a fermented fish sauce which has been prepared since Ancient Roman times. The thick slices of albacore with the crunch of the hearts of palm was a real treat. The meyer lemon rind added a gentle citrus flavor. We each had a piece of the crudo and the plate was consumed in a matter of moments.

Crudo of Albacore Tuna

Our second appetizer was the Line Caught Hawaiian Ono Ceviche which was a combination of citrus, diced cucumber, thinly sliced red onion and avocado was the big hit! A side of crisp tortilla chips topped with the ceviche was the perfect appetizer for us all. Ceviche is prepared by “cooking” raw fish using citrus juice. The enzymes in the citrus reacts with the fish and “cooks” the fish. It is sweet and tender and is a wonderful way to serve really fresh fish. Ceviche is an art – if you don’t marinate it long enough, the fish is raw; too long and the fish becomes chalky. Here’s a link if you want to learn more about Cheviche

Line Caught Hawaiian Ono Cheviche

For the entrees, we ordered the Idaho Trout, the soft shell crab sandwich, and the fish taco.

Irise and I had the Idaho trout which was served with buttermilk smashed potatoes, almond brown butter, and sauteed spinach. The trout was pan fried and cooked perfectly. The browned butter with almonds was crunchy, with a good, hearty flavor.The buttermilk smashed potatoes were full of flavor and texture with the right amount of saltiness, too! Chunky potatoes blended right in. The spinach was just like I like to make it at home.

Idaho Golden Trout

Maria and Wendy ordered the Soft Shell Crab Sandwich with Remoulade, Pickled Green Tomatoes, Piquillo Pepper, BBQ Spice Potato Chips. Remoulade is similar to mayonnaise, but may sometimes have finely chopped pickles, anchovy, or capers so it’s more comparable to tartar sauce. The piquillo pepper was like a giant pimento. Served with house made BBQ potato chips. Wow! House made potato chips warm and spicy. This was a first for me – generally they’re just plain. Evin said they make them early in the day and the staff tries really hard to avoid eating them throughout the day!

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich

Sandra ordered the Achiote Marinated Fish Tacos made with Grilled Mahi Mahi, Cumin-Lime Slaw, and Crema Cassera. The fish tacos were also served with guacamole and salsa on a hot tortilla. The tortilla was not fried, but pliable and soft. Heated on a very hot grill, the tortilla was allowed to blister, slightly, accentuating the corn flavors in the tortilla. The fish was not fried but grilled. Sandra liked the fish taco, but commented that it was not fried. I prefer my fish taco fried, too.

Achiote Marinated Fish Tacos

For dessert we ordered the Chocolate, Pistachio Chocolate Cremeux, Pistachio Financier, and Olive Oil Caramel. Such richness. The pistachio financier was a dense spice cake served with a scoop of pistachio ice cream. The ice cream was full of chopped pistachios and great pistachio flavor. Eaten with a bit of the chocolate cremeux (like a thick pudding or mousse) and a bit of the olive oil caramel was a burst of new flavors combined together. The olive oil caramel was similar in color and viscosity to honey. It was not too sweet at all and had a delicate flavor.

Chocolate, Pistachio

We also ordered the Citrus Semolina Zeppole served with a Warm Gianduia Ganache.

Citrus Semolina Zeppole

The citrus semolina zeppole were like small fried cake doughnuts dusted with sparkling granulated sugar and served warm. The Gianduia Ganache also had a sprinkling of crunchy maldon salt on the top. Gianduia could be compared with Nutella – a mixture of chocolate and about 30% hazelnut. Very rich and chocolatey, and complimented by the citrus flavor. Maldon salt comes from England, is hand harvested and is renowned for it crunchy, flaky texture. This was the favorite dessert for all of us!

We enjoyed our time at Georges and would come back again if not just to enjoy the chips and the zeppole!

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Lunch with the Michelin Guide – Colibri Mexican Bistro

Colibri Mexican Bistro is a wonderful restaurant located in the Theater District of San Francisco. Like the name says, the food is Mexican. Authentic Mexican.

Colibri Mexican Bistro

The colors inside are warm and inviting.

The interior of Colibri Mexican Bistro

We were seated near the front window decorated with various glass bottles.

The Window

After being seated, a napkin containing piping hot, fresh tortillas was brought to the table, along with 3 salsas.

Fresh tortillas with 3 salsas

The three salsas were a mango salsa, red salsa, and a tomatillo salsa.


The mango salsa was the favorite of Irise and Sandra. It was sweet and mild, with just a hint of chile. You could easily compare its flavor with the sweetness of a jam or preserve. The red salsa was smoky, with bits of tomato, onion, and spices. It was spicy, and a little too hot for Irise. The last was a tomatillo salsa and my favorite. It was hot, but tasted like the homemade tomatillo salsa my father makes. Tomatillo, onion, garlic, peppers and chilies made a fresh, piquant combination. On a hot tortilla, it was marvelous!

Tomatillo’s are sometimes called the Mexican tomato. Looking similar to a small green tomato, they are covered with a brown, papery outer leaf, similar to an onion skin. Once the papery leaf is removed the skin is somewhat waxy to the touch. The green tomatillo is cooked and combined with chilies, onions and spices to become tomatillo salsa.

For our appetizer course, we ordered Sopes Surtidos. An assortment of Sopes with beans, chicken, shredded pork and sautéed vegetables served with queso fresco, onion, and sour cream.

Sopes Surtidos

For the main course, we ordered the Tacos Surtidos, Carnitas, and the fish of the day.

Tacos Surtidos

Tacos Surtidos was a sampling of three different tacos – Chicken with chipotle cream; steak with onions and red cabbage; and fish with tomatillo-seranno salsa, onions and cheese. The chicken with the chipotle cream was the hands down favorite. Tender chicken that was deliciously seasoned with onions topped with avocado and chipotle cream all wrapped in a fresh, hot tortilla. All of those flavors combined in your mouth made for a smooth creamy bite. The seasoning was perfect. I could have eaten more of these for sure! The beef taco was also a little disappointing – the beef was more on the tough side and difficult to cut and chew. The fish taco was ok. I must admit I have had better fish tacos – the fish was not crispy and the beans made it seem a little soggy.

Everyone agreed the Carnitas was the best dish out of those that we ordered.

Carnitas with Arroz a la Mexicana

Tender Michoacan-style marinated chunks of pork served with guajillo and arbol chili salsa were plated along with Arroz a la Mexicana -traditional Mexican rice with diced vegetables. The meat was so tender it could be cut with a fork. Placed on a hot tortilla, it was like heaven in your mouth. The salsa was the perfect condiment, adding a touch of heat bringing all the flavors together.

Lastly, was the fish of the day – Fresh Salmon in a crust.

Fish of the Day

Irise, our fish expert thought it tasted, well, fishy. Too fishy. The crust was crispy and delicate and the sauce tasted similar to the mango salsa, but we left a lot of the salmon on the plate. Shocking, because all three of us LOVE salmon. So, we leave you to draw your own conclusion about the fish.

All in all we really enjoyed the hot tortillas and fresh salsas. It’s quite a walk from our office so it’s doubtful we will be back, but Colibri met our expectations – a little bit of Mexico in San Francisco.

Thank you, Colibri!

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Lunch with the Michelin Guide – Bouli Bar

Walking along California Street toward the Ferry Building is always an experience. We were on our way to Bouli Bar

San Francisco Ferry Building

Tourists fill the streets this time of year bringing with them a festive air of being on vacation. On this particular day, the sun was shining, the temperature was hot for San Francisco, and smiles were everywhere.

There is a lot of construction near the Ferry Building so as we took a detour through Justin Herman Plaza we came across La Chiffonniere, a sculpture made of curved stainless steel and epoxy by Jean Dubuffet.

La Chiffonniere

We arrived slightly late because of the detour, but it didn’t seem to matter which was good for us.

After a brief wait, they had our reservation and they seated us near the pizza oven. A curtain of long strands of brass beads separated the dining area. My friend Maria commented the curtain was custom made and very expensive. A quick look around revealed a Mediterranean theme – beaten brass lamp shades, and very minimalist tables and chairs. Even the exterior of the menu had a minimalist theme.

Bouli Bar - Menu Cover

After being seated, the server came by and asked us if we wanted still or sparkling water. We opted for both, and our water glasses were discretely filled during our meal.

Prior to coming to Bouli Bar, I did a quick check of their website and noticed that most of the images on the site were blurry. So here is my nod to the blurry image theme of their website.

Bouli Bar - Seltzer water

The menu offers “farm to table” freshness and embodies seasonal cuisine.

Bouli Bar Menu

We ordered the mezze – a platter of house made pita, crudite and your choice of three condiments. For the condiments we selected the hummus, beet relish with slices of white grapefruit atop, and the artichoke puree.


The pita bread was warm and fresh from the oven. The exterior was crisp and slightly charred. The interior was soft and chewy. Taking a small piece of pita, I spread the hummus inside and took a bite. The hummus was cool and smooth, in contrast to the heat wave we were experiencing outside. The artichoke puree was velvety, because it is prepared by hand, and the artichoke meat is actually scraped from the leaf. There was no hint of fiber at all. The saltiness of the feta made the artichoke flavor shine through and was the perfect compliment to the puree. The beet relish was bright and lively on your tongue, especially with a bit of white grapefruit. The beet relish was everyone’s favorite. The beet relish was prepared with care as well by the use of a special mill that grinds the beets and removes any fiber from the relish leaving behind a texture that looks like a cassis sorbet.

Our second selection was the Eastern Mediterranean Salad. Made with farro, bulgur, barberries, little gems, moroccan mint, ricotta salata, sunflower seeds, pomegranate reduction, red wine vinagrette, and za’tar. The smell of fresh mint was the first thing Maria noticed as the platter was set before her. This salad was my first experience with little gems lettuce. Little gems are like small versions of romaine lettuce and has a tender texture similar to butter lettuce. Barberries were another food I had never tasted. At first I thought they were pomegranate seeds, with the seed removed. They are so delightfully bright RED! The salad was a big hit with us and made us feel as though we were eating such healthy food.

Eastern Mediterranean Salad

The next course was the warm funghi – a blend of shitake, pioppini, and trumpet royale mushrooms with sherry vinegar, crisp lavash and fresh herbs.

Warm Funghi

Prepared in the oven, the earthy mushrooms are transformed by heat and smoke from pizza oven. The mushrooms are meaty, and slightly caramelized. The sherry vinegar and fresh herbs coupled with the crisp lavosh turn this dish into something that could be a meal all by itself.

Saving the best for last, the Chilled Seafood with Socca arrived. A crisp cake of chickpeas, with fresh, fresh, fresh seafood was the perfect end to our entrees. The shrimp was succulent and briny tasting. I’m not a big fan of calamari, but everyone else thought it was cooked perfectly. Sandra and I split the last two bites, it was so good!

Chilled Seafood with Socca

So, my tummy may be full, but my dessert compartment always has room. Today was no exception! First up was the Yogurt Panna Cotta.

Yogurt Panna Cotta

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that we had a beautiful panna cotta at Campton Place. Although very tasty, we all voted the Panna Cotta from Campton Place was the best.

The Bittersweet Chocolate Custard was a big surprise! The espresso cloud gave no indication of the chocolaty layer beneath. The brittle sesame nougatine offered the perfect foil for the rich custard. The turkish coffee cocoa nib shortbread melted on your tongue – buttery rich!

Last, but not least was the Bl Meyer Lemon Meringue Tart.

Bl Meyer Lemon Meringue Tart

This was fantastic!!! A flavorsome crust, mildly tart lemon filling and perfectly prepared meringue.

We all enjoyed our meal at Bouli Bar. We were a little skittish at the beginning as the restaurant was not ready to receive guests at 11:30, the time of our reservation, but our fears were quickly allayed after we were seated. It was so good, Maria was considering coming back to celebrate a birthday.

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