The Birds and the Bees – Literally! Part 2

The ladies arrived quite early today – at about 6:00 AM. They showed up with a hive, gloves, and a protective hood and jacket. They had the smoke can there too but since it was so early and cold, they didn’t think they would need it.

They got John to help carry the super (I think that’s what it’s called) out to where the bees were.
The goats had to watch to see what was going on and to supervise. Here’s Oreo telling them how to put on the hood.

Blondie is checking in with Roger making sure the Christine is doing it right.


So, this was the plan…since there was only one hood and Christine had a bad knee, Jen had to put on the hood and shake the bees into the box. John and I would stay far away.
Amazingly, the plan worked! The bees fell right on top of the box. I think Jen was stung but not badly.
The largest clump of bees was on top of the box but there were many other smaller clumps on the ground. I can’t even guess how many bees there were. Christine and Jen were pretty sure they got the Queen onto the box and it would be just a matter of time before they all found their way into the hive.

Later in the day, after church we came back to check on the bees and they had all made their way into the hive.
At about 5:30 I went out to check on the bees – it smells so sweet, just like honey when you get near the super! I think I would like to become a beekeeper!
See the video of how they removed the bees.  Bee Swarm Removal
Visit the link for the Mount Diablo Beekeepers Association
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