Lunch in the City – Yank Sing

Well, Helen and I left our good jobs and went to the city (As opposed to leaving a good job in the city, working for the man…I think that’s another story). We called it Copier Due Diligence but it was a good reason to have lunch. We went to Yank Sing at the Rincon Annex in San Francisco. It’s a nondescript building from the outside, but – walk inside and it’s a very beautiful place! Fresco’s abound with a beautiful rain fountain in the center. You can’t really see the rain from this photo, but that’s what’s falling behind me into the large circle.

The Rain Fountain

Before we left the office, Helen pulled up the website for Yank Sing. Trust me – you’ll want to take a look before you go! I’m so glad she did.

The food was amazing! I had never had real Deem Sum (Some places call it Dim Sum) except at a place in Pinole that is not worth mentioning at all (ok, I will mention it just so you don’t go there – King Valley Tea House). After having been to Yank Sing, it was no comparison!

Helen ordered the Sticky Rice. It came wrapped in a leaf and tasted like there was either chicken or pork steamed inside the center of the rice. It was very tasty!

Hot and steaming from the cart came the Shanghai Dumpling. “A Yank Sing signature dish of minced Kurobuta Pork, scallion and ginger wrapped and steamed in its own aromatic broth.” It is served with a special vinegar and ginger sauce.

Next came the Stuffed Crab Claw. This was a fluffy crab and shrimp mousse that encased an entire snow crab claw and then deep fried. Crunchy and very tasty with hot mustard.

We thought we had a feast, but there was more to come.
Good chopstick technique, Helen!
The tea was excellent, and deserves a mention. You can see the tea pot in the photo below.

Personally, I really like the lettuce wraps at P.F. Chang’s and I think they’re the BEST, but these were good also. They’re prepared table side – a nice touch.

This is the Chicken & Lotus root cake. Helen really enjoyed these!

Last, but not least were the Goldfish Dumpling. They were so cute. Shrimp, bamboo shoot and cilantro in a beautiful dumpling wrap.

We felt so happy to be there!

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