The New Light Switch

With the start of 2011 I thought I would try to blog everyday.

My husband, John plays the guitar and I play percussion at Hilltop Community Church, in Richmond, CA. Tomorrow night we are going to participate in an annual New Year’s Eve celebration. Linda Jackson will be singing gospel songs with a few of her friends – Ginger Hohm and Joel & Annalisa Jones. It is going to be a wonderful evening, filled with good music, funny moments as only Linda can do, and lots of worship!

Actually, the gig was just for John – he’s played with Linda for the last few years. Kenny, Linda’s nephew is going to play the drums and he thinks I’m pretty good at the percussion stuff, so he checked to see if I could play with the rest of the band. So, I too, have a gig!

So, here’s what happened tonight!

I said to my husband, “how would you feel if I turned off the circuit breaker and swapped out the outlet and light switch?” and his response was “not good”.

The very dirty switch and outlet

So, of course, he came along and began to work…

He removed the old cover. He plugged in a night light and went out to the garage to the circuit breaker and told me to let him know when the light went out. After the light went out, he also tested the garbage disposal switch. It came on (who would have thought it would be on two separate circuit breaker switches!) so he flipped another switch and tested it again. Both stayed off!

These are the new, pretty, parts. I like them. I picked them out. They will look high tech in our 1972 built home.

These are the parts I would have needed had I been the one to do the job. Ha, ha!

He took the old parts out and replaced them with new...

Here is the finished product! Much better than the old dirty switch and outlet.

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