National Spaghetti Day

Today is National Spaghetti Day so my friend and I decided we would celebrate. We ate spaghetti for lunch at a very nice Italian Cafe in North Beach called Caffe Macaroni. When we arrived, we notified the staff we were there to celebrate National Spaghetti Day. They didn’t even know!

Caffe MacaroniThey had cute tables outside, except it was a little cold for outdoor seating this day. As we walked past, the server came outside and invited us to come in.

We met Mario and Stephanie, his wife. Stephanie said I made her day when we told her it was National Spaghetti Day. She introduced us to her husband and it felt like we were old friends.

They had a delicious olive oil, garlic, red pepper flake dipping sauce for the warm, crusty bread. We waited for our Spaghetti with Home-Made Meatballs. So many interesting dishes went by and in no time our meal arrived.

It was truly delicious! I would definitely order this again!

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