For the Love of Flying

For the past 2 days, my husband has been watching airplane videos on YouTube. We each have our own computer (to save our marriage! ha, ha). So, over on his side of the room, I hear sounds very similar to a lawnmower – for hours.

His brother, Scott, is finished with building his 2nd plane from a kit. I think my husband is getting bitten by a bug. Maybe this is his way of sliding it into a conversation in the next few days. “Hmmm. What would you think of finding an airplane kit?” Of course this question would come after the house had been vacuumed. His birthday is coming up and maybe the question will work its way in at that time. “Mmmm. Isn’t this polenta delicious? It makes me think of airplane kits.”

My husband is a general aviation pilot and on one of our first dates he took me for a sunset flight. It was soooo romantic. He told me to open the window and take a piece of cloud. He forgot to slow the plane down. As I opened the window, it flew up and hit the bottom of the wing with a jolt. Whoops! But being the romantic he is, I took my piece of cloud and with that he has had my heart – forever.

We have had many fun times since (including one where I thought we were going to die – but that’s another story). We have seen the Golden Gate bridge at sunset,

flown over Alcatraz

and taken aerial photos of our house.

Always, when we land, we say “once again, we have cheated death!” Praise God!

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