Macellato – The Sandwich and the Power of Advertising

On National Spaghetti Day my friend Wendy and I were walking back to the office after our delicious Spaghetti and Meatball lunch. On a corner near our work was a woman, standing on the corner handing out coupons. She gave us each two. Oh, ho! A free sandwich! A free sandwich. A free sandwich!

We passed out the extras to our other co-workers and I set a reminder appointment so we wouldn’t forget. Reminder appointments are good about that.

Today was a very, very cold day in the city. We bundled up and headed out – we had a mission! We were going to get a FREE sandwich! We took an early lunch because we thought there might be a crowd. It was a good thing we did, because there was a crowd.

Don't be confused by the sign-age. He hasn't changed the sign above the door, just the awning.

They have 3 kinds of sandwiches – Pesce, Gallina, and the Italiano. Pesce is the fish sandwich, Gallina is chicken and the Italiano is all kinds of Italian cured meat. I love a good fish sandwich. Does anyone remember the Moby Jack? It seemed to have a little horseradish in the “secret sauce”. I brought it up while we were waiting, but my co-workers thought I was crazy, they had never even heard of it. I think they were born after we landed on the moon or maybe way after that, too. Maybe when Ronald Regan was president. I digress… Ok, so the Fillet-O-Fish? I will eat that one too. I ordered the Pesce sandwich.

The pieces of fish and chicken were huge. They were fried in a deep fat fryer and came out looking golden and delicious. They were served on a soft roll with a very flavorful and colorful slaw made of red onions, carrots, extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and red pepper flakes. The slaw was delicious.

I have to admit that by the time we returned to the office, the bottom part of the sandwich was a little soggy, but it was good nonetheless. The fish was very mild tasting. I wished I had a little hot sauce.

We were so surprised at the price of the sandwich – $8.22 – with tax, about $9.00. I overheard that he printed 1,000 coupons. It would be interesting to know how many free sandwiches were made today. My co-workers and I enjoyed our sandwiches very much. The power of advertising works!

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