Counting Your Blessings

How can you count the number of blessings you experience in one day? I just started thinking about all the things that happened to me today.

Waking up this morning in a warm house. Putting on warm slippers. Having a nice cup of hot coffee. Getting one last kiss and hug from John before leaving for work. Saying a prayer for safety and protection. Driving to BART in a warm car. Standing on the platform wearing a thick, heavy, wool coat to protect me from the cold. Having a good lunch. Eating 2 pieces of my friend’s birthday cake. (Yes, I really did!) Walking through San Francisco and seeing things that people come from all over the world to see, like a cable car. Walking past so many shops that speak of the affluence of this nation. Tiffany, Cartier, Saks 5th Avenue, Coach.

Art was visible in the most unexpected places. The feel of a warm, sunny day. Taking pictures of 2 tourists so they can have a memory together when they get home.

Seeing something nostalgic. Meeting a friend after work. Talking and laughing. Singing with a whole choir of people. Eating chicken noodle soup with toast. Petting a dog. Each day is filled with so many blessings. These are just a few. How many can you think of that you experienced today?

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