A Garden in Winter

It really poured rain last night. Lots of wind, too. Today I went out to survey the damage and thought about what all the rain means to my garden.

This is what my garden in Northern California looks like this time of year. It’s very lush and green. The grass is about 1 foot high and will have to be cut with a high weed mower in early spring and again in early summer. My husband put the green waste container out there earlier and I’m not sure why. The wagon he set on it’s back end so water wouldn’t collect in the bottom.

This was my tomato bed last year.

We have such a bad problem with gophers that I’ve had to use raised beds lined with hardware cloth. The gophers can’t chew through the galvanized metal hardware cloth and they seem to leave the plastic raised bed parts alone. I’ve used these beds for about 4 years now with great success.

This is my asparagus bed. I had a volunteer tomato come up during the summer and didn’t have the heart to pull it up. It was the largest tomato plant in the garden last year.

This is a view of the fruit trees.

The tree on the right in the front is an almond tree. It is just getting ready to blossom and soon it will be covered with beautiful white blossoms. The next tree over is a huge Van cherry tree. It produces some very nice, sweet, juicy black cherries. We also have some kind of pear tree, but I don’t know what variety it is.

Here’s a view from the back of the garden toward our citrus trees. We have Tangelo, Lime, Lemon, Tangerine, Grapefruit and Orange trees in the back yard.

The goats also wanted to say hello to you all!

So did this little guy…

I heard this hummingbird as I came out to the garden. He was singing his little heart out, with his kind of hum/chirp sound.

I think we’re all so ready for spring to arrive.

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