Another Golden Gate Bridge Sunset Try

Trying to get the sun to set between the two towers of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is not an easy thing to do. Especially in winter. Especially between rain storms.

This past weekend proved to be a good choice for the sun to come right between the towers, but because of a layer of fog, you couldn’t really see the sun set too well.

This was the first photo taken right after I set the camera on the tripod.

You can see the fog way out beyond the bridge, but I was very happy because the sun did set between the two towers of the bridge.


Both times we’ve been out, we’ve spotted a person on what looks to be a piece of plywood with an oar that looks like a broom.


He leaves from the marina and uses this slight watercraft to row to a buoy and then back again.


In this photo, it looks like he’s waving to us. We’ll have to find out more about this person.


I even like the little affect of the lens flare. At first I wasn’t too happy with it being there, but it’s growing on me. It draws your eye to the guy on the board.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do! Take more pictures, they’re memories.


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