National Carrot Cake Day – February 3 & The Contest

Tomorrow is National Carrot Cake Day.

I first had carrot cake when I was in the 10th grade. It was moist and delicious. It became my favorite cake. Birthdays forever after would have carrot cake.


Years later, I would make a bet with my then husband that if I won First Prize at the Sonoma County Fair, he would have to buy me a Cuisinart to make it easier to grate the carrots. The bet was on!

I remember dropping off the cake at the fair early in the morning and having to wait until later in the day to see how my cake was rated.

They were rated as follows:

  • 30% Appearance
  • 35% Texture
  • 35% Flavor

All 4 children and their dad came along to the Fair later in the day. Lo and behold, a blue ribbon was attached to my cake. The next day we went and bought the Cuisinart, which at the time was quite an expense. I still have the old Cuisinart to this day and use it frequently to make carrot cake.

Here is the recipe.

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