Bob’s Steak and Chop House – San Francisco

Some of the ladies from my work went to Bob’s Steak & Chop House for lunch. It’s just down the street from our building, on the same block. I had purchased a $50.00 gift certificate for $25.00 just before Christmas so we thought we would try it. The restaurant is located inside the Omni Hotel. If you go into the restaurant from the California Street side, a doorman will open the door for you.

Just inside the hotel lobby was a beautiful arrangement of Hawaiian Ginger.
Hawaiian Ginger Arrangement - Omni Hotel

It was just so beautiful, I had to take a photo.

We were seated just as soon as we arrived and received warm bread and a large pat of unsalted butter. I always enjoy unsalted butter when I go out. I don’t know why.

I was trained in Cobb Salad 101 by Rebecca. Her husband is from West LA, and had Cobb Salad at the place it was actually invented, The Brown Derby. To be considered authentic, it must be served with Thousand Island dressing. Rebecca and I both ordered the Cobb Salad (with Thousand Island Dressing).
Authentic Cobb Salad with Dungeness Crab

It was loaded with lots of fresh Dungeness crab on top. The bacon was very crisp, and was just the right amount of salty. There were no dark spots on the chopped boiled egg (my family knows how I am about boiled eggs!) It was simply delicious.

Sandra got the Steak Sandwich, which is one of the reasons why you go to a steak house. She said it was very good. The portions were very large, so Sandra took part of her sandwich home.

The Steak Sandwich

On the way out the door, there was a large glass container filled with candy. I didn’t know what type of candy it was, but the seating host told me they were “Sour Balls”. He said I should fill my pocket with the candy because one handful just wasn’t going to be enough. Of course, being clumsy, I dropped a few on the floor.

Sour Balls
Here is the expansive menu.

The menu

I would certainly go again and try something else. Don’t get me wrong, the Cobb salad was delicious. But I think I might try a steak, because that’s what they’re famous for. And next time I will fill my pocket with the Sour Balls.

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