National Crabmeat Day

Sorry about my lack of posts – a very dear friend – in fact our best friend, has been in the hospital with a stroke. We have been visiting every day and he is doing much, much better.

Yesterday was National Crabmeat Day and my department celebrated! In fact I was not fast enough to take photos of some of the food because it was inhaled by the diner.

We ordered food-to-go from Ferry Plaza Seafood, down at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

It was a nice walk along the way. We found a statue of a mother holding a child. There was no plaque, or sign about the statue at all. It’s one of those strange, San Francisco kind of things.


We also passed one of the recipients of a grant that my company sponsors. We are going to have to try these “Samurai Snacks” in the very near future. I’ll report on it when National Samurai Snack Day rolls around.


We got a little lost on our way once inside the Ferry Building, but Sandra and I were excited to be outside and getting a treat for lunch.


It was a blustery kind of day, but the view of the Bay Bridge was still nice.


The staff at Ferry Plaza were only too happy to help us. The service for food-to-go was outstanding and served with a smile.


We walked back to the office, taking the indoor route in the Ferry Building. Lots of interesting shops are there, including organic Ice Cream Sandwiches that cost as much as a gallon of gas!


An interesting shop that sells very nice fruits and vegetables.

The Sharfenberger Chocolate Shop!

Walking back outside, we could see the beautiful Financial District skyline.


We had the Crab Sandwich, the Crab Cocktail, and the Crab Stack.
Here is a photo of the Crab Cocktail (which I ordered). The amount of crab equalled a huge ice cream scoop of crab. It was fresh, sweet, and delicious. The sauce was very tasty and not over powering.


The Crab Stack (partially eaten)!

No photos were available for the Crab Sandwich. By the time I was ready to take the photo, all that was left was the salad.

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