Cats go to Heaven

My friends cat passed away today. He was a very sweet boy and lived a good life. His name was Big Head.


It brought back memories to me about different cats I’ve had throughout my life.

This is Reuben. I hope to see him in heaven one day. He was a good cat!

Reuben & Chickens

When our cat Misha died, I was very sad. I prayed and after opened my Bible. I read this scripture and, based on this, I believe animals go to heaven.

Psalm 96:13
Let all creation rejoice before the LORD, for he comes,
he comes to judge the earth.

To me, all creation includes cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, and goats. There might be a few animals I wouldn’t want to see in heaven – flies. I don’t like flies. Or mosquitos. Fire Ants are another animal I don’t think should go to Heaven. I’m glad the decision isn’t up to me!

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