Baby Sweaters and the Angel

I believe I know a real, in the flesh, angel. Her name is Aurrero. I met Aurrero on BART one day when I was catching a later train. She carries a huge bag of yarn, sometimes 2 bags of yarn – many, many colors of yarn. All the colors are baby soft pastels. She is an amazing woman.

Aurrero has a long commute in the morning and she loves to crochet. It’s like a match made in heaven.

Just before Mother’s Day, Aurora told me she was getting ready to give a set which consisted of a baby blanket, baby sweater, baby hat and baby booties to Glide Memorial Church for the homeless mom’s. As I recall she had over 20 sets, all in different colors.

Aurora is a good listener, as well.

She has given me the best piece of advice I’ve ever had regarding Human Resources and Employee Relations.

Here is a baby sweater, hat, and blanket she made for a co-worker who recently had a baby girl.

This baby set looks like it would feel like a hug. A big hug from an angel named Aurrero.

Did I mention Aurrero loves cats, too? Recently she made a blanket for a sick cat. She says cats need soft blankets when they don’t feel well. Just like babies.

Blessings came my way the day I met Aurrero .

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