Bain Marie

Today was a great day for yard sales in my neighborhood. I always like to look for kitchen ware at yard sales. You never know what you’ll find.

This day, this pot – it’s called a Bain Marie was sitting in two pieces among some carburetors and mufflers. It looked like someone used it for a planter.

Bain Marie

I wish I’d had the presence of mind to take before and after pictures. These will be sorta-before and after pictures. It was a beautiful day here today, so I sat on the patio with Brasso and started cleaning and thinking.

Bain Marie

Sometimes people are like this pot. We start out beautiful, shiny and new. Then along comes someone that thinks we’d be better as a planter. They pile dirt in us and we loose a little of our shine. We get a little tarnished. We loose our lid. Finally after a while, we’re not wanted anymore and we get stuck in a pile of other stuff.

The woman at the yard sale wanted $10.00 for both pots. She thought it was a fondue pot. I thought it looked pretty dirty so I offered her $5.00 for both pots and she and I were both happy.

First I used Brasso. It wasn’t too effective. Then I tried Wrights Brass Polish. A little better than Brasso. Finally I did a google search and discovered that salt and white vinegar did the best job. And that’s life; a little salt, a little vinegar and lots of elbow grease.

It took a long time to clean this Bain Marie. My hand is aching, but I feel I really have something of value.

Bain Marie

This is the best story in the world, as God is always revealing to me every day. This pot is a whisper of love from my Father. I’m the pot. I’m a little dirty and tarnished with sin. I’ve lost my lid a time or two (ha, ha!) but he sees me among all the other stuff and redeems me. He cleans me up and makes me something of value. My Father loves me and He told me so again today.

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