The Hammond CV3 Organ meets John

My husband fixed the Hammond CV3 Organ tonight.


The Leslie wouldn’t spin at all. We moved the organ to our new church facility and plugged it in. Nothing happened. We were a little sad. We prayed over it. Still, nothing happened. So we went home and John brought back his tools tonight.

Last night John went to the internet and downloaded a copy of the schematic.


He did this work with his guitar strap on.


He repaired 3 wires that were broken.


He also replaced a missing tube with one that had been sititng in the garage that he always said “we might be able to use someday”.


Someone was very happy that he fixed it. This is Rosalyn. It’s her organ. She is really going to play it this Sunday.


With the new tube and new wiring she said it sounded better than before.


Rosalyn is very, very happy!


She is really, really going to play that organ this Sunday. It’s like an answer to prayer.

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2 Responses to The Hammond CV3 Organ meets John

  1. AnnaLisa says:

    Praise The LORD!!! Well when we prayed and asked our Father to fix the Hammond He said He would and He did!!! He fixed it through our John! Thank you for your obedience John and perseverance Thank you LORD!!!

  2. Rosalin Pugh says:

    WOW! Yes, I’m very, very excited and yes, it does sound better than it did in my home! Right now, it has another home and it is welcome, welcome, welcome and I pray that God uses me mightily on it this Sunday Morning! Hallelujah and God bless you JOHN!! You’re a musical genius!

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