National Fried Chicken Day – July 6

Yesterday was National Fried Chicken Day. People in my department are starting to really get into these things. Last time we celebrated a day like this, it was Peking Duck Day (seriously!). Only 4 people took part. This time, we had 9 people.

The best place for Fried Chicken is not far from the office. We went to Wayfare Tavern in San Francisco. It’s about 2 blocks away.

It was a little windy and I didn’t get a good photo of the restaurant from the outside.

Wayfare Tavern

This is the second time I’ve been there. This picture is from the last time we were there. This is a much better photo of the outside.


There is always a beautiful flower arrangement. This is near the cash register.

Wayfare Tavern

This was in the billiard room. The billiard room is a good place for a little party. A little private fried chicken party. The stuffed pheasant above the TV didn’t seem to mind.

Our server asked us if we were there to celebrate National Fried Chicken day. I’m so glad she was our server! (I wish I had taken her picture.)

Wayfare Tavern

Every last one of us ordered the chicken.

Wayfare Tavern

After we ordered, they brought out the popovers. Ahhhhhhh! So warm. So crispy. So fluffy in the middle. So good with butter.

Wayfare Tavern

We waited patiently for our chicken.

Wayfare Tavern

It took four servers to bring in 9 orders of Buttermilk Fried Chicken.


The chicken is brined in buttermilk and then dredged in flour with woody spices (rosemary, thyme, and sage). It’s served with lemon and roasted garlic. It’s like heaven on a plate. So nice and crisp. I ate all my fried sage. They give you 5 pieces of chicken.
Wayfare Tavern

We also ordered the macaroni and cheese. Oh, so rich! So cheesy! So creamy!


The roasted asparagus with chive blossom was also very good. Tender crisp with a nice grilled flavor.


Here we are getting ready to eat!


We were all so full that we said no to dessert. But then I reconsidered and I’m glad I did. Peach pie. Extremely tender crust with the best peach filling I’ve ever had. The peaches tasted so sweet and so full of flavor. They tasted like peaches should taste – like summer.

Wayfare Tavern

We had to get the pie to go, but I’m sure the presentation would have been lovely in the restaurant. They serve it with Goat milk ice cream. I had to skip the ice cream because it would melt. I’m going to go back just for the pie!

We each had a little bag to take home. They pack up the food for you in very nice, plastic containers. They also give you a number like a hat check so you can pick it up when you walk out the door.


As we left, the hostess mentioned the fireplace. It gives you a nice cosy feeling on a San Francisco summer day with a fire burning in the fire place.

Wayfare Tavern

Please go and try the chicken. Really. It’s delicious. (I need more adjectives to adequately describe the chicken!)

Celebrate National Food Days. Make everyday life meaningful.

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2 Responses to National Fried Chicken Day – July 6

  1. Jenny liu says:

    Wow,look at that peach pie, perfect!

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