Cream Brulee Day July 27 – Restaurant Ducroix

Today was Cream Brulee Day. What is Cream Brulee? It is a baked vanilla custard with a sugary topping that requires the sugar be melted with either a blow torch, or in a Salamander, a small broiler type oven. The best part is taking your spoon and breaking through the crunchy sugar topping.

I just love Yelp. It has been absolutely indispensable for me trying to find places near where I work that have the “food of the day”. Today, we went to a restaurant named Restaurant Ducroix

Cream Brûlée Day

I called ahead to make sure they served Cream Brulee and they did! But we wouldn’t be able to get it to go. So, my friend Sandra and I headed out. We started laughing when we realized the restaurant was on the street directly behind our building – we were hoping we’d have to walk up a hill to work off some of the dessert.

I should add that I did not eat lunch first. Lunch was eaten after dessert! This will be our secret. Don’t tell my kids about this, ok?

So, the reason we couldn’t get it to go was because of the serving dish. You had to eat it there because you couldn’t get it out of the pan to place into a container. We ordered it after telling the server that it was…”National Cream Brulee Day”. He mentioned this to the chef. Har, har. When will I learn???

While we were waiting, we took a look at the menu. They serve escargots – there is a National Escargot Day, believe it or not! The also server Croque Monsieur, and a variety of salads.

The cream brulee arrived with it’s beautiful sugary top.

Sandra and I shared the delicious, creamy dessert. It was interesting because the custard was very cold, but the melted sugar was very warm. We cracked through the top with the back of our spoon and enjoyed every bite. The custard was not too sweet and a had a very good vanilla flavor.

You know I will have to go back and try their escargots!

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5 Responses to Cream Brulee Day July 27 – Restaurant Ducroix

  1. Melissa says:

    I love the idea of this, “Cream Brulee Day.” Do you do things like this often?
    Also, I love this “I should add that I did not eat lunch first. Lunch was eaten after dessert! This will be our secret. Don’t tell my kids about this, ok?” HAHA. Excellent writing.
    Would love to know how much it cost!

    • mrsjpvan2 says:

      Hi Melissa,

      It cost $6.00 for the dessert, which is not bad for San Francisco Financial District standards. I have a facebook page where I post the National Food Days if you’re interested . Today is Milk Chocolate Day.

      Thanks for the comment! It is so appreciated.


  2. Melissa says:

    $6 isn’t bad even here (Oregon). Wonderful to know! Thanks!

  3. Brenda says:

    Looks delicious! Keep your eyes peeled for the creme brulee cart, it shows up all over town and sells lots of flavors of creme brulee- the Mexican vanilla is my favorite.

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