Apple Turnover’s and BART

Every morning, as I walk to work from BART, there is a long hallway underground once you get through the pay area. As I draw near to Ramzi’s Cafe, the smell of something wonderful baking overtakes me. I have tried to resist for almost 1 year, but recently I was drawn in by the delicious smells coming from inside.

My first time into the cafe, I noticed 2 women who did not place an order for their coffee/espresso or whatever it was. The owner knew what they wanted without them asking for it. After he finished serving them, it was my turn. I asked him what the delicious smell was. He said, well the croissants had just come from the oven, as well as the muffins and scones. It could have been any one of them. As I glanced at the display case I noticed some turnovers. Apple Turnovers.

Here is my adjective test… How can I describe the Ramzi’s Cafe Apple Turnover?
It’s a flaky, tender, crispy, soft-as-a-pillow, airy, light, golden brown, glistening with sugar, apple filled turnover.

Yesterday I thought I would treat my co-workers to these little tastes of heaven, but the turnovers weren’t ready. I told the man behind the counter that I would try again tomorrow and guess what! They were ready for me and still warm! I took all of them today and introduced myself to the man behind the counter. He was none other than Ramzi himself!

If you are ever in the BART tunnel in the morning, please stop in. You will be so glad you did!

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One Response to Apple Turnover’s and BART

  1. Jenny liu says:

    Hi! I really like to have apple turnover for my breakfast when i was in Beijing! I like apple also…good post!

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