Summer, Winter, Springtime, Harvest

Today the onslaught of seed catalogs began. I received four of them today.

The thing about seed catalogs is the hope that is inherent within. I’ve looked through them as they arrive and begin to think about growing tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon…

After speaking with some friends that also love to garden, we came to the conclusion that last year was not a good year. They didn’t get eggplant, it was too cold for peppers, the tomato crop wasn’t what had been in previous years.

Last year we couldn’t figure out what was happening to our sunflowers. It turns out the squirrels were cutting the heads off the stalk before they even had a chance to bloom. It was so frustrating because I wanted to participate in the Great Sunflower Project again. You plant Lemon Queen sunflowers and then on a specific day, you go out and count the number of bees that appear on the sunflowers.

Here’s a video from last year. (Special cameo appearance by Roger the Goat)

Maybe this year. The hope of the seed catalog is waiting.

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