Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – Little Italy

Yesterday we went on a “field trip” to Tony’s Pizza in North Beach. What an experience. We took the bus, which stopped in front of the office, up a few blocks to “Little Italy”. We did not realize that Tony’s did not open until Noon, so we took in some of the local sights. The most imposing sight was St. Peter & Paul’s Church. Many movies have been filmed at this location – such as The Bachelor and Sister Act 2.


It is filled with gorgeous stained glass.


Jesus turning water into wine

The altar is so beautiful.


Alpha & Omega


An angel statue with a basin of holy water.


We found Beach Blanket Babylon Boulevard. We just call it Green Street. (ha, ha!)


We walked around the park for a bit and as Noon approached, we made our way back to the restaurant. A line had already formed outside.


Since we were early we were seated quickly. Once we were seated, foccacia bread was brought to the table with some dipping sauces. A tomato sauce, olive oil and garlic that tasted very sweet. The bread was soft and delicious.


We ordered the Little Italy salad, a lovely sight to behold with mixed greens, chopped pugliese olives, walnuts, Italian Gorgonzola, olive oil, a balsamic reduction and shaved parmigiano.


We ordered the Margherita pizza of which only 73 are made per day. This pizza was the world pizza cup winner in Naples, Italy. This pizza was so good! Such a thin crust with such a wonderful combination of ingredients. The basil was just right, the cheese melted just so and so hot straight from the wood oven.


We also ordered the Wild Robiola with mozzarella, stracciatella and robiola cheese, wild mushrooms, truffle oil, speck which is a smoked cured pork, piave and arugula. Mmmmmmm. That pizza contained so many ingredients that I’d never had before.


The walk back was filled with surprises!

There was a nice little cafe with sidewalk seating.


This place had lovely hand painted table tops. If I ate here I’d have a hard time deciding at which table to sit.

This one…

or this one. I already have a hard time deciding.

This amazing building is on the corner of Stockton and Columbus Street. This is the home of Zoetrope Studios and is owned by Francis Ford Coppola. It has a copper facade. The building used to house Caesar’s Restaurant, where the legendary Caesar Salad was born.

You MUST try Tony’s pizza if you are in the area. They have many different types of ovens in which they make the pizza. Gas, electric, coal fired, rotoflex gas, wood fire. We talked about coming here once a month just to try all the different pizzas! Inside on the wall is a medal from the Food Network, a picture of Emeril and other award.

One sign outside intrigued me. I’m not sure what it means. I think it means “good pizza in here”! Try for yourself and see.

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