Summer Zucchini

Is it too late to plant zucchini? Normally in Northern California we have a very hot October. I’m not sure if it’s politically correct to call it Indian Summer, and I’m not sure why we call it that, but they do say it during the weather segment on the news.

This year we didn’t plant a garden in May. We were too busy this year I suppose – but the other day I thought, why not plant some now? We’ll see how this experiment goes. I’ve never planted this late before.

This is back on August 10. The raised bed was filled with weeds and dry soil. We have a significant gopher problem so I’ve lined my beds with 1/4″ hardware cloth to keep them out and then placed the soil on top of the hardware cloth. I’ve had these beds for about 5 years now and no problems with gophers getting into the beds (hallelujah!).


This is the bed with the soil watered, turned, and some organic fertilizer added.


This is 6 days later. The seeds have all sprouted.


I love seeing seeds sprout. It’s like a promise of good things to come.


We’ll see how our little late summer zucchini experiment turns out. I’m hoping to get some nice fried zucchini in the near future!

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