Restaurant Ducroix

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing! That’s what happens at Restaurant Ducroix. Their food is absolutly delicious. I recently had lunch here with my co-worker and normally I will only eat half of whatever it is I’ve ordered. She really took notice when I cleaned my plate!

After we were seated, a small portion of a sliced baguette was brought to the table, along with some olive tapenade. I should mention that while we were seated, I noticed the server bringing extra bread at a nearby table. One taste of the tapenade told me why more bread was requested. It was absolutely delicious. (Sorry the photo is blurry! I’m still trying to hold my iPhone still and eat at the same time!)

Olive Tapenade

My friend and frequent lunch companion, Sandra, ordered the Mustard Chicken. The chicken was so tender, it fell off the bone. It was served with roasted vegetables and pasta.

Mustard Chicken

I ordered the salmon and was so enthralled with every bite that, before I knew it, I had eaten everything. The salad was dressed with the correct amount of dressing. The salmon was served with capers and was a nice, thick, healthy portion. At the very top of the pan seared salmon was the most delicious, crispy seasoning that had been cooked so perfectly to a crisp perfection. The sauce was sublime! I couldn’t decide which was better – the salmon, the roasted vegetables, or the au gratin potatoes. The potatoes were the perfect doneness. Potatoes cooked correctly will have a texture similar to al dente pasta. This potato was full of substance and not mushy. The sauce, again, was heavenly!


For dessert we ordered the Creme Brulee. Sandra and I had gone there for Creme Brulee on National Creme Brulee Day last year so we were expecting the same thing. However, Restaurant Ducroix surprised us with a delightful orange flavoring, along with the generous amount of vanilla bean present in the custard. The sugar topping was cooked to a crispy, crackely, crunchy layer. You had to break it with a spoon so you could savor the topping with every bite!


I cannont wait until our next trip to Restauran Ducroix.

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