Man and the Moon

The other night was a full moon. I had been trying to get a photo like this for years!! Finally, I was able to do it.

It took a few tries, as well as my poor husband having to take numerous instructions from me, but finally, we had liftoff, so to speak!


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4 Responses to Man and the Moon

  1. Bill Chance says:

    Nice work – that must have been a lot of work to get just right.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the expression on your husband’s face. He wants to do what ever will make you happy and has resigned himself to this task with patience. “Yes, dear”. His face is neutral, but his hands are glowing from the love and care. He deserves a big kiss from you.

    • mrsjpvan2 says:

      After reading your post, I did just that, ninasbreakfast. Your comment is so sweet and genuine. My husband said to tell you, “you’re very wise”. Thanks for posting!

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