National Peking Duck Day – January 18

National Peking Duck is a must-try for everyone. Two years ago my co-workers got take-out Peking Duck from the R & G Lounge in Chinatown. It was good, but from what I understand, the duck skin is supposed to be very crispy. This year we went to City View Restaurant and tried it again.

Peking Duck

Peking Duck is eaten like a sandwich.

Peking Duck Sandwich

You take one of the steamed buns, split the bun, add a little sauce, a little green onion, and the duck.

Enjoying Peking Duck

It is delicious!

One of my friends said, “Isn’t the skin supposed to be more crispy?” and it was true. The skin was not crispy, but then again, it was served from a dim sum cart.

We also had Pork Shu Mai, two other kinds of steamed dumplings, but I don’t know what they were called.
Pork Shu Mai

We also had a delicious chicken lettuce wrap that was every bit as good as the one I enjoy at P.F. Chang’s.
Chicken Lettuce Wrap

My favorite of all is Sticky Rice.
Sticky Rice

The rice is mixed with chicken, Chinese sausage, and other things and then wrapped in a lotus leaf and steamed. It has a delicious smoky flavor.
Sticky Rice

Next year, be sure to celebrate National Peking Duck Day! Make it special and enjoy it with friends.

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