The Romantics of San Francisco

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. It brings out certain emotions in all of us. For those that are single, there are feelings that may be a little painful or sad but today I saw a man that took being single on Valentine’s Day and made it into his own!

I saw him from across the street, standing on the corner. Everyone that passed by him glanced at his sign. At first, all I could read on the bright pink sign was “Just Say Hi!” so I did. I told him I had a Valentine and he said that was good. He explained that starting with Halloween, a five holiday season began that was not so pleasant for single people. At Thanksgiving all the family asks when are they going to meet someone. Christmas, more of the same. New Year. Finally, Valentines Day is the last holiday. He was very good about and said he was a very romantic person and to make sure I really made my Valentine feel special. Good advice! We went our separate ways but then I thought he would make a good subject for a photo!

Valentine Romantic

He called himself the Hopeless Romantic.

Valentine Romantic 2

There were more romantics along the way. A long line formed at one of the flower shops along Montgomery Street. A man pushing a cart down the street remarked jokingly to the man with a pink sign, “There’s a line of men that can’t go home until they get some flowers.”

The flower line

I walked past a woman with hair the color of a Valentine. I almost didn’t stop, but I’m so glad I did. I told her I loved her hair color and would she mind if I took her picture. She was so happy to oblige!

Valentine Red Hair

Down the street and around the corner was another flower shop with a queue.

The flower line

An amazing day, in an amazing city, filled with amazing people. Making every life meaningful.

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