Lunch with the Michelin Guide – Chiaroscuro

Lunch with the Michelin Guide went to Chiaroscuro. The building is near the Transamerica building and they serve Italian food.



The menu was filled with many tasty foods. Sandra had been there before so she had to hold the menu.


We placed our order and decided to have some water. It was served with an artful twist to lemon and lime.


For the first course, a delightful surprise was brought to the table. A lovely appetizer of a blue potato, cooked to perfection with a fresh currant and a lovely sauce. I don’t know what the sauce was made of, but it was delicious.


For our appetizer, we ordered the degustazione di salume. A charcuterie of imported Italian meats served with pickled vegetables and crispy toast.


For the second course, we ordered the Insalata Melograno. Made with frisee, endive, arugula, roasted pistachio, Nicasio Foggy Morning Cheese, fresh raspberries, and a pomegranate reduction. The crisp greens with the raspberries and creamy cheese was a delight to the mouth. A wonderful balsamic was so beautifully arranged on the plate was the perfect blend of sweet and sour.


For the main course, Sandra ordered the Trilogia – a tasting of three classic Roman pastas; Carbonara, Amatricana, and Cachio e Pepe, the three signature pastas of Chiaroscuro. The carbonara was fresh tasting with large bits of pancetta, the Amatricana was spicy, with tomato and basil, and the Cachio e Pepe was creamy and delicious – similar to macaroni and cheese.


Irise ordered the Pesce del Giorno – the fish of the day. A lightly seared ahi tuna, served with roasted vegetables and an arugula salad on the side. The tuna was cooked perfectly which made everyone happy since the tuna had been overcooked at Brasserie S & P.


I’ve noticed that I’ve been ordering chicken, so this should come as no surprise. I ordered the chicken! Petto di Pollo was an oven pan fried in extra virgin olive oil, with a fresh lemon juice glaze served with roasted vegetables. Mangia, mangia!!


Our last course was of course, dessert. Fresh apple cake was served with a mascarpone sauce and fresh berries. The recipe was from the chef’s mother and it was sublime. Not too sweet, with a simple dusting of powdered sugar. The perfect ending to a perfect meal.


When the server presented us with the bill we all asked, why do you not have a Michelin star??? The food was better than one star restaurants we’ve been to. He responded, we’re working on it! They sure are and I’m sure we will see them in the next guide. If you are wondering about Chiaroscuro, please go. You’ll be pleased with the food and the service!

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