Lunch with the Michelin Guide – Bocadillos

Our first trip to Bocadillos in December ended badly. The day before, I had phoned just to make sure all was ok and was told if we were there by 11:30 we would have no trouble finding a table. The following day was rainy, but we went out anyway, because that’s what we do! We got to Bocadillos and were greeted by a sign on the door that said they were closed for a private party. I opened the door just to make sure there was no mistake, but yes, they were closed. This seemed quite strange to me because no one had mentioned this when I called the day before. A few of us – ok, it was really all of us, grumbled and said to cross them off our list! Instead, we went to Brasserie S&P, which was the silver lining on that day. However… we did go back to Bocadillos.

Eating through the Michelin guide friends

Bocadillos has a few tables and a large community or common table in the center. I love this because, if you’re talkative like I am, you may meet someone interesting with a story to tell. This was not that day.

The menu is interesting with a wide variety of selections for lunch.

Bocadillos Menu

We all decided to order the Bacon and Potato soup.

bacon and potato soup

A nice, simple, potato soup that was creamy and hot, with crunchy bits of bacon on the top.

Next came the Garlic Shrimp.

Bocadillos Garlic Shrimp

Oddly, there was not much garlic flavor with the shrimp. It was more of a tomato flavor than garlic flavor. They were spicy, but not overly so.

We ordered two salads and the first was a roasted beet salad, ras al hanout with a harissa dressing. The roasted beet flavor came through and the dressing was very complimentary. This salad was delicious and was quickly devoured by everyone.

Next came the kale salad. These days, it seems everyone has kale salad on the menu, so it’s interesting to see how each establishment puts their own twist to it. This one was served with pepitas (pumpkin seeds), and thinly sliced avocado on top. The dressing was a lemon vinaigrette, which was very mild compared to the stronger flavor of the kale. I really enjoy kale salad. It makes you feel healthy as you eat it.


Next, came our Bocadillos – small sandwiches with various fillings – smoked salmon with chive cream cheese, fried chicken, eggplant, and bbq kurobuta pork.


Now, it is no small feat to split four tiny sandwiches between 4 women but as a group we are very focused – plus we are good with knives! We each got to try a little bite of each. The kurobuta pork was the hands down favorite.


The smoky flavor of the meat, coupled with the crisp slaw was a perfect match. My other favorite was the eggplant with peppers, zucchini, mushroom and pesto. How could they fit all of that into a tiny sandwich??? They did, with splendid results. The smoked salmon was also good with a nice cream cheese – similar to a bagel. The fried chicken was ok.

We love to order dessert!


Flan is always, always a good idea. This flan was was creamy with a good caramel sauce.


The arm of the gypsy – a sponge cake filled with hazelnut mousse. It was served with blanched hazelnuts. Creamy and delicious! I would order this again!


Warm chocolate cake with banana ice cream was very similar in texture to a brownie. The ice cream melted into the chocolate cake, giving a very dense, very moist texture to the cake.

Just one word in our opinion – skip the yogurt with cacao nibs, seasonal fruit and honey. We each took a bite and were done.

All in all, the food was ok. The service was ok. Not sure we would come back ever again, but it was one to cross off our list. On to the next experience!!

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