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The Emergency Room

He climbed out of the car with difficulty, grasping the frame of the car trying to place his hands anywhere for leverage. With a great deal of effort he slowly moved his leg, wincing as it moved. Finally he placed … Continue reading

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Arrival in the night

My relationship with my father goes back my whole life 🙂 We’ve gone through some very difficult times and it’s difficult to understand why he’s here at my house. Maybe it’s because I’m his only child and only living relative … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

This year my in-laws were out to attend the wedding of our son. We celebrated New Year’s Eve together with food, hats and poppers! This photo says love to me. I really don’t know why, except you’d have to know … Continue reading

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Family – A New Awareness

This past Thanksgiving we had 30 relatives over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. The preparations were complicated by rain on Thanksgiving Day, but we all managed to fit into our 1600 sq. ft. home without too much difficulty. John … Continue reading

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Making Sense

Today was my youngest son’s birthday, June 16th. He’s 24 today. We will never forget today – today is the day my mother died. She died in a car crash in Arizona. How do you make sense of something that … Continue reading

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