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Who Let the Goats Out?

This time of year there’s not much left in the goat yard, so we let the goats out into the bigger field. They do such a good job of eating the grass, we don’t have to supplement with alfalfa as … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Winter in Northern California may not be your “traditional” season of snow and ice, but it is a different season from spring, summer, and fall. The temperatures get down to freezing at night, but the day time is generally not … Continue reading

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Being Late

Sometimes just a few seconds would have made a difference. This photo is a good example. Just a few seconds sooner and I would have had the birds right in front of the sun. Aaaahhhh! There have been many times … Continue reading

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Summer, Winter, Springtime, Harvest

Today the onslaught of seed catalogs began. I received four of them today. The thing about seed catalogs is the hope that is inherent within. I’ve looked through them as they arrive and begin to think about growing tomatoes, cucumbers, … Continue reading

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The 2011 Lunar Eclipse

Finally! I have time to post a little about our 2011 Lunar Eclipse adventure. My friend Wendy and I talked about the eclipse for a few days. We decided we would meet at a spot in San Francisco near the … Continue reading

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Christmas in San Francisco

This past weekend my sweet husband took me to take pictures of the San Francisco Christmas skyline. We tried to take photos the first night. They turned out blurry because I forgot to turn off the Image Stabilizer while my … Continue reading

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Chicken Wings!

Yesterday, a few co-workers and I went to a local restaurant in Chinatown called Capital Restaurant It’s kind of unassuming from the outside. They have a huge menu, with their signature dish prominently displayed on the front. We had some … Continue reading

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