The Taquero

Today we attended the wedding of our friends. They had a Taquero. I had never head of a Taquero before but I will never forget the Taquero from today. It was wonderful!

He had a large stainless steel pan set on top of a 55 gallon drum equipped with a propane burner. On top was a customized stainless steel pot. It had a kind of “moat” built around the sides with a dome in the center. The meat (carnitas, chicken, and tripas) was marinated and was cooked in liquid around the dome. The Taquero would take tortillas, dip them slightly in the cooking liquid and place several of them on top of the dome part to warm the tortillas.

He would ask what kind of meat you wanted and how many, take the meat out of the boiling liquid and chop it with a cleaver on a cutting board with his bare (and hopefully very callused) hands. The cutting board had a deep well in the center that has obviously seen a lot of use. With a single motion, he would chop and place the meat on the tortilla.

He would place onions and cilantro on top. There was a very large container of what looked to be homemade salsa. I want a Taquero at my next large gathering.

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